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South Texas, United States
Dec 8, 2008
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Sep 2, 2017

'm 51 years old. Father, husband, pilot, ex-Sheriff. I recently moved to Uvalde, Texas for a new work project. I spend my spare time hunting, fishing, exploring the state by ATV, travel. I've been playing chess since 1972 but I don't study the game. My game has probably reached it's peak but I love to play. I also like to work with my hands, i've restored old cars, airplanes, airboats, furniture, and my home. I don't ask much, play fair and don't accept my seeks if you don't intend to play. I rarely play a rematch either so don't be surprised if I don't accept.



Funny quotes:
curiouscat: morning...
__hasdrubal__: shhh
sonic24: shhh what
curiouscat: are you hunting rabbits?
nepferd: me to, i love chess but man i suck. and I am to lazy to research this stuff
Anticreeps: dont even try to play just play by the heart



witchling1996: yup. remember, Jack, no religion. follow the rulz



hHaden: wats a pagan



witchling1996: it's just a type of religion



alabaster_knight: its like a vegan



vodkafloat: what if my religion is to talk about nonreligious things in chat rooms?






AionoBoi: Wow I keep accidentally makling horrible moves



guitarjoe: in the new spirit of chatroom limits i have unblocked everybody. go and spam no more.



marioso: i like playing against 7 year olds... i beat them faster



1718: wylfliyer is sucha low life



Fuzzychickens: YOU MISSPELLED CHICKEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!!! HOW DARE YOU!!!



rousseausp: why are mods allowed to speak other languages and not us ?



BackBeatDrummer: superdog vs wonderdog, who would win - comments?[x]



Artspec: i know, I am always talking politics. I'd never pass for a good person here.[



sander9860: five out of every four people have a problem with fractions[x]






MrL: I keep repeating the same errors in my life, over and over and over again



Zigalday: then you are not learning from the mistakes as well as you should






scotpo: give peas a chance



phrage: beans have had it good for too long






CAinstructor: ca doesnt stand for california idiot haha



rmgoup: how can terminator be a governor?



FelgencioBatista: cos hes awesome



bobsucks: his cybernetic logic






MagicMan01: what about grahams number. :P[x]



klandri: thats even higher I dont know the formula[x]



DrawMaster: I prefer Graham's Cracker.[x]






Wyflyer: please stop typing in all caps



RadicalHippo: the caps button is like the turbo charger in a car



Wyflyer: and im' like the highway patrol






DrawMaster: There is rarely a need to panic here.



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