Mar 12, 2015
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Jul 5, 2017
Every chess player has a playing style that makes them unique from their competitors. What is your playing style? http://www.chesspersonality.com <--- Here is a website which offers you the chance to find out your style........ http://www.chesspersonality.com/type/grinder <--- This is my playing style. It is that of a Grinder................. Grinders are players with an unassuming style that can hide just how intent they are on winning. They don’t need to know opening theory to beat you. They don’t need to have an advantage to beat you. They don’t even need to have an equal position to beat you. Grinders have good positional skills, and are usually most at home in endgames. They are attuned to their opponents’ weaknesses which they use against them. On the other hand, they often know their own strengths and limitations pretty objectively, and will make good practical decisions. It’s hard to take advantage of a Grinder’s weaknesses, and you won’t have much luck getting errors out of them by applying pressure.