alwin sanchez
cebu city, cebu, Philippines
Oct 28, 2007
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14 hrs ago
Was once a very active chess player. Become a regional champion at the age of 9, a consistent board 1 varsity player during my highschool and college days, winning local tourneys and at the age of 18 got my first norm for a national master but stop playing chess at the age of 21 to pursue my carreer as a chemical engineer. Eventually become a successful businessman. Today i play chess as a diversion only whenever i feel bored at my desk and seldom now play 'real' chess. I mostly play lawn tennis today. Still love to play chess. And i always play sincerely and it does not matter if i win or loss as long as i give my opponent a good and clean game. As a white i play aggressively and as a black, prophylaxis is my theme and changes to an aggressive mood if given a chance.
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