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Glasgow, United Kingdom
Jan 4, 2009
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Jun 11, 2013

Hobbies include reading history books,biographies political debate, and football ,my greatest passion is keeping fit and boxing.I learned to play chess when I was around 6 and played regularly up to around 11 when I took up boxing.I didn't stop completely right away, just played less and less as years rolled by and now can't remember when exactly I did stop playing.But this chess site has re-invigorated my passion for chess and I wont let It drift away again .I still box, although I'm a little over the hill for serious competition now,what my age has diminished in speed it has replaced with experience a commodity no one can buy.So I can still show the "youngsters" a trick or two,feigning a punch here and there really keeps them on their toes,so be careful any move I make could be a small deception to set you up for a KO blow.I box in the featherweight/super featherweight divisions56kg-59kg it requires a lot of training three sometimes four nights a week, it's my best talent but not how I chose to make my living.I make my living servicing and repairing cars"my alternative apprenticeship", a honest job, which I find pretty rewarding, its work with my hands and exersize for my mind. I see many similarities in chess and boxing,the most obvious one being they are both executed in a square, the one vs one, attack and defend ,probing for weaknesses and exploiting them.And as do most chess players a hate of losing ,dont be surprised if I want a rematch.

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