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"If the position is equal, then black is better!" --- Mikhail Tal

(If you do not believe in climate change, then stop reading this and take a look at this video below).

For the confused non-believers, watch this---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jzSuP_TMFtk

My whole life as a young person has been inspired by nature and the wonderful ecosystem the world is. Humans are experiencing climate change all around the globe due to carbon emissions known as fossil fuels. My dream job is to become a marine biologist and study the effects of plastic pollution and turn around the damage we have caused. Every one of us is to some extent responsible for climate change and pollution, some much more than others. As much as a environmentally friendly person you can be, we sometimes have to use our petrol cars or in my case get a diesel GreatWesternRailway train from Paddington! Being highly intelligent beings, we can fix this mess that we have made since the Industrial Revolution! Trillions of tonnes of plastic lies out in the ocean killing wildlife as you read this passage, so OceanCleanup has started!


If you have noticed, nearly every café uses paper straws or reusable metal ones. In London, which is a very polluted city, is making nearly every bus a hybrid and soon to be fully electric! Recycling plants now have more advanced systems to deal with more kinds of plastic. Recycling and the manufactoring of durable and reusable products is increasing threefold. Alternative methods of energy like wave and tide power, wind power and the current of a river can save the environment and supply us with a mother-load of electricity, heat, food and water. People can live aside the shrinking animal kingdom and not keep taking away from one side of the world equation and adding to the other for it only unbalances and hits rock bottom. 

My analogy: The human ship is humungous and is packed with 7.6 billion people but it collides with the smaller animal ship. The human ship sabotages the animal ship and takes everything to satisfy the needs of the people but they eat, drink sleep and work unconcerned about the starving and homeless animal ship. All life on it slowly dies due to the lack of resources but the people forget that Mother Nature always wins in the end. The human ship slowly sinks into the murky water as it is overwhelmed with the weight of sin and greed. The human population is then lost under the waves that shall never cherish life again. To stay afloat you spread the weight of the world equally over both ships like butter reaching all corners of the toast. 

(Swansea Bay Project---see---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ulYk4DTU6TU)

Thank you for reading my description. If you like this and agree then send me a friend request immediately and will accept. Please join my club---https://www.chess.com/club/the-greenpeace-fraternity

Or join a bigger group that openly discusses the world's problems---https://www.chess.com/club/the-animal-kingdom-conservation-group

Glad to have found the best people on chess.com.

Our Future---https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=8YQIaOldDU8