Hello, my name is Xhive24. I enjoy playing all sorts of chess. If you'd like to play just send me a chat message! I'm the founder and former owner of Chess UltraMasters the club. I've also helped in multiple other clubs, eg: Quarantine Comrades, Chess GrandMasters, Road to GM, etc... (Also the former head of NSPICL, ran that by myself...cough cough....Lightning) I am also the founder of Chess UltraMasters chess team, in which we participate in many of the online club leagues of chess.com.

I've captained and managed Chess UltraMasters in the following seasons/leagues:

  1. Season X, Season XI, Season XII of NSPCL
  2. Season VI of NSPBCL
  3. Season I of NSPABCL
  4. Season III/V of NSPVCL
  5. Season II, Season III & Season IV of NSPBuCL
  6. Season 6 of Raburn Series Premier League

I'm always looking to improve, so if you offer lessons please message me about it, (hourly rate, what you will be teaching, experience, etc...) See you around! 

Quote of The Day: (I haven't updated this, in I have no clue how long)

#1. "Literally took me one minute extra -_-" (NM Rychessmaster1)

#2. "Boo" (NinjaSwat)

#3. "RICE RICE RICE" (Ricechessmaster1)

#4. "TILTING" (Xhive24)

#5. "i like chez" ~ Tacosheen (December 14th, 2022)