你好!我叫小雪或者叫我小小。我来自中国。我18岁。我想 100% 学习国际象棋,chess.com 上的每个人都想成为我的朋友。 我在chess.com上最好的朋友或现实生活中的情人@zizongmeng,他是一个英俊可爱的好朋友,他还教我下棋。 Hi! My name is Xiao Xue or call me Xiao. I am from China. I am 18 years old. I want to learn chess 100% and everyone on chess.com wants to be my friend. My best friend on chess.com or lover @zinzongmeng in real life he is handsome and sweet kind friend he also taught me to play chess.