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Arthur Huynh
sydney, Australia
Jan 25, 2009
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1 hr ago
Hi guys, (Photo of me and Vishy Anand in Nanjing) I just came back from the Nanjing Chess Tournament held in Pearl Spring. Note:I don't use chess engines when i m playing. So if your using an engine please do not accept my challenge. Thank you It was totally awesome I manage to get autograph off all the 6 players in a book (Anand, Topalov, Gashimov,Bacrot, Carlsen, and Yue). The best part of the tournament was that i got to play table tennis with Carlsen every night although getting smashed by him. My friend extract some revenge for me heheh. Australia still beats Norway in table tennis =). I just thought i will update my profile. I have just met Levon Aronian it was a few months ago at the 2011 ANU Open (Australian National University Open tournament). He was visiting Australia because Arrianne was playing ANU Tournament. I was lucky enough to have him analyse my game with Australia top Grandmaster Zong Yuan Zhao. =) Now i m just missing Kramnik and Kasparov for the 2800 club. Feel free to offer me a game. I play some 2mins on pogo.com and ICC under the same nickname: Xuderuf Cheers to everybody.
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