I thought love was just something idiots thought they felt, but this girl has a hold on my heart that I could not break if I wanted to..but I could not stop loving her any more than I could stop breathing. I am hopelessly..irretrievably..in love with her..

One more shot
You think that I'm crazy, I know
You just wanna leave me, then go
Blood on my hands, you're already dead
But I'll give you one more shot

One More Shot

I think the real reason why 

its so hard to let go 

why it takes so long is 

because you still have hope 

and when you have loved 

someone unconditionally for

so long it doesnt really end 

no matter how many times 

you tell yourself that 

its really over for u and 

your hearts.. it isnt 

but remember no matter 

how much you love them &

no matter hoe hard u try 

u can never make the

wrong person... the right 

person for u 

don't f with me cuz i'll kill u n everyone u love

So why don’t we go somewhere only we know~💕

as 50 cent once said i don't play but i'm a player to the motherfuc** end🤪🥴

"hurt people the 2nd u get the chance before they hurt u" nobody_can_hurt_me

"death got to be easy because life is hard"- 50cent

out being who i am idc bout hurting people🤣😮‍💨

take off her skirt let her wear my shirt before she leave i;m going to need my shirt back- j cole

nickname, muffin, Auggie only my gf can call me this, Augusto or dummy whichever u chose 

my best and closest friend nobody_can_hurt_me

i trust no one

love no one 

hate everyone

and if i fall in love i'll make sure the that the lady is a friend 

Just a guy who wishes life was different.

Wishing he was born somewhere else, some other time.

he will never be normal, never feel normal.

Now, he will never see the world the way it was meant to be seen.

Drowning in a breath, begging for an escape.

.A universe full of twinkling stars but none close to her shine.

 "love is real its the people that r fake"- August

relationship status 

f off

if u want me i have high exaptation's 

1, you have to be smart in school

2 you have to have a good personality

3 u have to be kind, caring and loving 

4 i want someone who is not afraid to speak up in the bed and other wise i want someone strong

5 i want someone i can party with 

6 i want someone who want a family 

7 i want someone who knows i love the way i want to be love 

8 and last one if i'm with u i'm not a 2nd choice u get 110% of me or nothing if i give u my heart plz to break it

i have been playing chess for 5 years i'm not really good i love the game play me if you want.

my name is august I'm 15 and a guy. I'm bisexual. I am in 10th grade; I like to read sleep play video games. things I do in my spare time. I have a very dark bad side, but I'm usually nice. I love music.  I love anime and roleplaying.  don't touch me without asking me, I love cats.  I LOVE PANCAKES/For the boys get high for life🥴🥴🥴🥴😵😵😵I don't hate people unless u give me a reason to, I'm really friendly I love 🍫🍫🍫🍫 I would do anything for it. look i like to flirt and tease but only few have felt my love. i'm very hyper but i also like to keep to myself sometimes if u meet me i swear i will do my best to make u happy but be warned u mess with me i won't care about u i can be a nice person but forget about u the next i am not going to put up with peoples bs i have done it for 5 years of my life and i;m done doing it so yea but other than that I'm a chill dude so nice to meet you i'm at your service and idc how u take it but if u do take it the wrong way😏😉 just know i will tease

all i want to say is that if u think u can mess with me think again because i won't care what u say cuz i'm to busy being me i'm busy proving your wrong about who or what i am. i am me so u can back off i will be myself i will prove u wrong every time and prove my worth every time so i'm done with the people trying to push me down i will push u aside and push u away if it helps me be better its a step up or get step on world and looks like most of yall going to get stepped on so bye cya i ain't going to help u lol that goes for the people out there hating me uk who u guys r

i'm not the one in orange