Diamond Member

1- I am Candidate Master  by FIDE , Physical Education Teacher  Graduated from Laureate University and bodybuilder.

2 - My favorite players are Alekhine , Nimzowitch , Kasparov , Karpov , Botvinnik , Em.Lasker , Steinitz and the powerful Deep Blue computer happy.pngthumbup.png

3 - The most talented and beautiful female chess players in the world in my opinion are Alexandra Kostenjuk , Natalia Pogonina , Ushenina , Ju Wenju,Anna Rudouf and Sopiko Guramshvili.

4 -My favorite books are  Play like a Grand Master(A.Kotov); Theory of openings volume 1(V.N.Panov); Checkmate(Kurt Richter); My Best Games of Chess 1908-1937(A.Alekhine); Chess Informant (A.Matanovic); Practical chess (Valegar,De Dovities,Escarela ) , My Sistems (Nimzowitch),Carlsbad 1929 (Nimzowitch; and Publisher for edit Chessy).

5 -thought  ´´ It takes is in the ecstasy of madness to play chess!´´happy.pngthumbup.png

6 - I invented the Gadelha attack in the opening Anderssen..,

1.a3 d5/e5 2.h4!?

7 - I am the author of a formula on the game of chess

X=1SM+100% / E > < I

8.my profile Twitter @gadelhachess 

9.Advice: Study your own games before studying the Games of the Masters, because then you will know their potential🏆

10.in the Images in full fight against some GM with ELO 2580 and friends.

11.Thank You 😃👍

I fighting the GM Darcy Lima 2580