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Hello my fellow Chess Players!

My name is Yaacov Norowitz. I am from NY originally and am recent NJ State Champion. I am 5 time World Open Blitz Champion, and have been among the top rated players in the U.S. for the past few years. In 2013 I was invited to play in St. Louis for the U.S. Closed Championship and scored a solid 4.5/9.

I have a unique approach to chess, which I have developed over the past 20 years.  I use it in my own games as well as to teach my students.
Essential to my approach is the concept that there is, in fact, not one board, but TWO boards. 2 boards, 2 struggles, going on side by side-- Light... and Dark.

We will learn about BUILDING on the light and dark in HARMONY, with pieces and pawns as BUILDERS and BRICKS. We will also learn how the pieces and pawns each contribute to the harmony, from the opening through the endgame.

These ideas are very deep, very understandable, and very effective.

My training is specialized to the individual needs, strengths, and weaknesses of the student.

Feel free to email me at chessrebbi24@gmail.com for more details. We can work out details such as how my training will be personalized for you, lesson scheduling, and pricing. 


Below are two videos I have made to demonstrate just an inkling of these deep concepts: