Jul 5, 2012
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11 hrs ago
Thank you for reading my message. I'm Yatagarasu of Kumano. I’m Japanese. You think why I choose such a name. Of course it has a reason. Yatagarasu is the sacred crow with 3 legs and it is one of the symbol of Kumano area. Kumano area is from south west to south east of Wakayma prefecture. As you know, This place is the Sacred Sites and Pilgrimage Routes in the Kii Mountain Range in the World Heritage Site of Japan. Yatagarasu is usually described as a guide to the victory in Japan. I'm very interested in the foreign and British cultures. For example, I prefer to drink tea rather than coffee. I'm looking for British chess friends. Other country friends are also of course. If you don't mind, I hope that I want to talk with each country's cultures and histories between Japan and your countries. Then my hobby is "Japanese Waka". Sometimes I make it. Do you know a Japanese book, "Manyo-shu"? I like it. If someone feels an interest, please send a message without ceremony. I hope you'll get the brilliant victory. Have a good game!