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Adam Dickerson
Fort Worth, United States
Sep 8, 2010
Last Login
Aug 6, 2013

"No more speed chess. I know you like it, I know it's fun but it's no good. It ruined Averbakh and it'll ruin you." ~Ben Kingsley playing Bruce Pandolfini in the movie "Searching for Bobby Fischer"



I started chess later than most - in my teens in high school, but didn't play in my first tournament (USCF Rated) until the age of 21.  I have played on and off for the past decade and only have about 11 total USCF Rated tournaments that I've been in.  After joining this website a couple of years ago I finally decided to become a premium member and have begun to focus efforts on becoming a master chess player.  I know I have a long way to go, but at the ripe age of 34, I have; I believe, for the first time in my chess playing career, a desire and focus to be as good as I  possibly can be.



About the quote above:  I am horrible at speed chess.  The longer I have to think about a move, my odds increase greatly of being able to win a game.  My ratings on this site are certainly ambiguous at best.  A very high Online score with a very low blitz score.  I would say I play around a 1700 USCF rated player, though my latest number is 1318.  I hope to hit 1550 by the end of the year.  I would like to obtain Expert class within about 5 years.  I have a life goal of becoming a FIDE master class.


Currently I seem to be in a chess slump.  I will admit I have not been as studious as I would have liked to have been over the past month and hope to buckle down within the next couple of weeks.


~I briefly played in the Waco Chess Club in 1999-2000, so if you remember me, send me a message or lets play a game!~


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