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Name: David

Age: 12

Favorite Hobbies: Chess, Soccer, Rubix Cube

State: Illinois

City: Naperville\

Religion: Chirstianity

Academic Achievements: Honors Mathematics, Gifted and Talented Student, Top Illinois State Score, and Extreme Advanced Knowledge in Geometry and Algebra!!!

Chess Achievements: Over 1400 USCF, 2nd In Elite Tournament, Beaten Experts, and Masters in Chess!

Languages: English, Spanish, Mandarin (My Mandarin sucks right now lol)

Smart Level

Reading at the top of my bio, I am a very good student idk if I skipped a grade or it was just like that because I am the youngest in my entire grade because I was born in late August. Expert in Mathematics, High Peaks In Spanish, Mandarin, and School! My Mathematics is pretty insane because I had to be placed in a talented and gifted program lol. Most importantly, CHESS! I am very good at chess, so that puts me in the smart spot already! Check my stats!!!

Coaching: I can coach anyone under 1200 ELO for free! Just message me if you are interested!!!

Summer Goals:

1400 Rapid By End Of May

1500 Rapid and Blitz By End Of June

1600 Blitz By End Of July

1600 Rapid By End Of August 1700 Blitz By End Of August

I am not a beginner anymore because I passed 1200!

Chess Friends

Main Friends (We do google meet together, we video call each other! happy.png)

@TheGMUltraPlayerClub, A very good friend and a cool guy to hang out with (His account got closed, but I still video call with him, and we email each other through Gmail, not on chess.com. sad.png

@awesomebubba, A very funny and understandable friend

@TheChessKid90, A Chess Expert, Helping Me Grow

@ChesswithNickolay, A Serious Chess Enthusiast, Inspires Me To Push My Chess To the best I can

My Chess.Com Friends

@warriorvik, also @warrior-vik



Past Friends

@Journeytwomaster, A fun person to coach, inspiring me to coach students, also very funny too

@Whizzboss, A pretty cool and chill guy

@Nikermis, I don't know too much about him

Free Coaching

I sometimes coach members for free because I believe everyone deserves a chance to be advanced at chess, and it is important to teach people things as we help each other and connect bonds to help and change the world. Everyone always needs help, and it is important to give assistance to those who don't have much of it, kindness is always free, so I can coach any class for free. If you are over 1200 ELO, I am sorry to say but I cannot teach you, although I am 1400 ELO, which is because you will know a lot of knowledge already, and second of all, you will gradually study chess on your own, which is great for becoming more independent. If you are under 1200 ELO, I may teach anything you want me to teach you. I can spend hours coaching anymore, and that is because kindness is always free, and kindness is important. Please message me @yoyoyoyoyoyo1234 to ask me for free coaching. I will sometimes host public lessons on zoom or google meet so I can expand my students and teach them to work together, but sometimes also private lessons too, for free. Just message me if you have any more questions!

Have a Terrific Day! happy.png