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The best-reviewed lichess coach with 100+ reviews, 13000+ hours worth of experience of private teaching during the last 6 years, and hundreds of hours of video content for the best websites!

I'm a 23-year-old International Master Yuriy Krykun from Ukraine, current Ukrainian Champion U-20 in 2018(7.5/9), and vice-champion in blitz(7/9), rated 2384. I have won a number of international tournaments, won 10 medals in Ukrainian youth championships, recently won a bronze medal while representing Ukrainian Youth National Team ( European Championship U-18) and am willing to share my knowledge with you! Besides my playing experience, I have tremendous experience in teaching, creating chess content, such as books, courses, articles. Also, I take pride in explaining chess well, which makes people address me when they want to improve - hopefully, you will choose me as a coach, too!

I've been coaching for a couple of years, in life as well as online. As I registered on lichess, in a year or somewhat more I've become one of the best-reviewed coaches here. I enjoy working with students of every level, from very beginners to masters, and of every age: My youngest students have been 5-6 years old, the oldest being 70! I firmly believe that every student has to be approached in a unique way.

I am very fortunate to be a member of Webster University Chess Team, which is coached by the legendary Susan Polgar and is the best collegiate chess team in the whole US! Thanks to this program, I have already had a chance to train with many strong GMs and learn more about the improvements methods that lead to great results. In this team, people indeed do give everything they have to remain best for years!

My Bachelor's degree is in Translation, so I speak fluently Russian, Ukrainian, English, and French. I plan to take up Spanish and German one day, for sure. So hopefully, we wouldn't have any issues communicating

I've been not only a coach but also an author of articles devoted to numerous topics on chess improvement and a creator of video content.
You can find some examples here:
My recent project was creating an opening course for the amazing Chessable, here it is:

I have also created courses and wrote articles for thechessworld. You can find a link to my courses and to their academy here:


Here are the links to some of my articles for them:

Some of my articles are:

I pride myself in being rather good at explaining things clearly and straight to the point. Hopefully, you can find a proof of it by taking a look at my reviews If you'd like to find out more about my style of explaining, please check out my YouTube channel, which I had created recently to provide everyone with free amazing educational opportunity.

During the lesson we will pay attention to the analysis of student's games in order to find out typical mistakes and avoid them in the future, also we'll study classical famous games, will work on the opening repertoire as well as positional skills and calculation abilities. There are numerous things to be learned by avid investigators of mysteries of chess, I look forward to sharing every single thing I know with you!
There are many other examples too. Hopefully, this will give you a better idea of how I tend to explain things!