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About me:

For a more canonical source of information that will actually stay updated, please visit my website

  1. ✅ Saved by faith in Christ
  2. ✅ Extremely nerdy
  3. ✅ A dork
  4. ✅ Independent Fundamental Baptist
  5. ✅ King James Only
  6. ✅ 18 Years old (as of 2023 don't expect me to keep this updated)


  1. Piano
  2. Chess
  3. Computer Programming
  4. Origami
  5. Singing Scale Degrees!
  6. Jiujitsu
  7. SkyZone


I play hymns almost exclusively. I admire the playing of Kevin Higginbotham and Chris Dortignac! I'd say I'm an intermediate pianist


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Computer Programming:
I do web development both professionally and as a pastime. I spend my days fantasizing about writing rust for a living, while actually writing PHP **gags**


I haven't done a lot of origami lately although due to my past experience I am still very able in that area if I do say so myself.

Singing Scale Degrees:
What do you do when you desperately want to play piano but you just can't? Maybe you're working with your dad or riding in the car... Sing scale degrees!!! You can include all your favorite runs arpeggios and add-ons - no one will judge you like they would if you added those things while singing normally. Give it a try!

What A Friend We Have In Jesus: