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Unlike those he protects, Zane Checkley doesn't claim any grand titles or divine roles. As an ordinary man on an extraordinary mission, Checkley is dedicated to safeguarding the Pope from within the deepest shadows of Central Consciousness, Vatican City. Despite his distance from Catholicism and his embrace of a Panpsychist view, his commitment to his Church remains unwavering. Zane's chess games reflect an intricate worldview, each move marking progress (or regress) in Zane Checkley's quest for celestial dominion.

Dubbed a "gift from God" by the Papacy in an ironic twist of fate, Zane leverages his innate strategic prowess to serve a symbol of a divine authority he explicitly has renounced. Nevertheless, at his core, Checkley epitomizes the everyman, adeptly navigating life's paradoxes with a quiet determination to fulfill his protective duty.

Through chess, Zane Checkley seamlessly bridges the gap between the ethereal and the mundane, encapsulating the fragile equilibrium between faith, skepticism, duty, and personal conviction. At, Checkley is deeply engrossed in learning the game, orchestrating the diverse activities of The Checkley Vanguard, and sharing insights in Checkley's Chess Odyssey.

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