Nov 3, 2010
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Short Summary = Part Jock, part Chessnut, part ECON Ph.D.

Long Summary = USCF 1600 floor, Highest OTB rating, 1863, Highest Quick rating, 1808. And I resign lost endgames; everyone should. For a good belly laugh, read the twin threads -- "Will all Trolls post here please," and "Everything that you do or say will be misconstrued on a chess site." Both threads entertain, especially if you don't suffer fools or windbags gladly. Many chess players are hyper-competitive or thoroughly eccentric. Both traits show up clearly in forum discussions. As for me, I'm (way) over 30 years old, live in an Eastern U.S. city, and keep my privacy while online. My two chess goals are breaking USCF 1900, and getting an honorable mention on the forum thread "Chess Player of the Month." I grow orchids, have a black belt in Judo (not Karate), and subscribe to the Financial Times. Many years ago, I placed 4th in the NCAA Judo Championships, 205 pound class. The first three finishers won a place on the U.S. National Team to the Pan America Games, while I got the door prize. I started playing competitive chess at the ripe old age of 31 years. Needed a competitive outlet after wearing out my knees in Judo and asphalt basketball. Was looking for a way to avoid writing my Ph.D. dissertation, while working full-time. Bought some opening books by (the notorious) Raymond Keene, and David Hooper. Went from "Unrated" to USCF 1814 in nine months, with a lot of sweat and a touch of O.C. Disorder. Other books, by Averbakh (Endgames, Essential Knowledge) and Znosko-Borovsky (The Art of Chess Combination) also helped. Haven't broken USCF 1900 yet, but have learned to play fairly well at Quick Chess speeds. Great fun. Finished ECON dissertation later. Not much fun at all, except when it was published in Great Britain. I try to combine both Yin and Yang. Grew up "In-The-Hood," but went to college at a Big Three Ivy (HYP). Have a Butterfly Garden in my backyard, but take my Ruger Security-Six to the pistol range for practice. Part Jock, part Chessnut, simple combination. My favorite people of distinction on Chess.com were @Chrisr2212 and @Snakesbelly. If you're a serious student of Chess, enjoy sharp competition, and are willing to accept your normal share of losing (without whining about chess engines), then Chess.com is a great place. But remember, the only things EASY in chess are playing badly, OR using a chess engine. Too many players on Chess.com choose the latter. On balance, I'm NOT a big fan of the positivist and syllogistic logic permeating our forum discussions. To wit -- IF pigs could fly, THEN pork would surely be a low fat food (see avatar picture above). Lastly, I switched to "Zborg" as my username in April 2012. Small change. So many "BORG" on this site, and there's more privacy at the end of the alphabet. Yes, I write (way) too much. But all is authentic. Best Wishes to all "Chessnut Colleagues," and especially my nine select friends. The latter were all "one in a million," when the site had only 9 million users.