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Zdeněk Pokorny
Prague, Czech Republic
May 21, 2010
Last Login
Feb 27, 2017
Why I don´t like chess.com This website is commercial and has many errors. The web server often falls down and is slow too. The time in "live chess" doesn´t work so often. As a result of it - So many chess players accuse the others chess players of cheating. The games are lag so often. The chess board is not so big as I wish. Chess.com makes me sick almost every day with some problem. But the second side is good - I like meeting new people. And I can play chess... It makes me happy. Hi everybody. I am not a professional chess-player. I play chess just about 1 year. But sometimes I am very addicted to the chess. I have many important things to do. So I can't play chess non-stop. But sometimes I anyway do it. The chess is for me very bad game. Because chess kills the time and life. My mother is every time very angry at me if I play chess. And I very understand her. Because I should study and prepare for my future. I mean to be successful at university, find a good wife and a good job and so on. But .... I play chess = I kill my young age. Help me ....
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