Blogging Competition!

Blogging Competition!


Hello everyone! From now on, we will be having periodic (not sure how frequently yet) blog competitions!

Thanks to @LegoChessMastery for this idea happy.png

How it will work:

1. Any member can participate

2. You will submit 1 blog only for each competition. Please, no repeats. Don't submit the same blog post over and over especially if it has won before.

3. The way to submit your blog is to post the link in the comments. Any other method will NOT be accepted.

4. Remember: Submit 1 blog post, not your entire blog! (watch someone submit the link to their entire blog anyways tongue.png)

Picking the Winner:

1. At a certain time, @EnergeticHay (me! tongue.png) will create a poll to tally everyone's votes. All people can participate in the vote, regardless of whether or not you submitted a blog for the competition.

2. Each member has 1 vote: So that means you can only vote for 1 person!

3. The voting phase will be started perhaps like a week afterward and will last a week or so.

Stay tuned for more updates! I will be making news posts to let you guys know when voting starts/ends, etc.

As for the first competition, let's start! Post the link to your best blog post below and may the best blogger win!


Oh right... almost forgot about this. No one wants to enter a competition if they don't get something out of it, right? tongue.png Here are the rewards for this competition! tournaments.png

1. Everyone has some fun and gets publicity for their blog!

2. The winner (1st place, most votes) will get 5 awards

3. 2nd and 3rd place bloggers will receive 3 awards each.

4. 4th and 5th place bloggers will receive 1 award each.

Have fun! happy.png

More News

Stream: Sat. 3/20 4pm EST

Stream: Sat. 3/20 4pm EST

Next Stream: Let Me Know!

Next Stream: Let Me Know!