Bongcloud Stream Replay!


We had a wonderful stream today for 2 full hours! We played in a viewer arena, which I marginally won!

You can find the full results here:

Stream Replay/Video

This time, in order to give my viewers from different time zones a chance to view this stream live, I will be premiering it at 8 am EST. 

This will be:

5:30 pm in India

2:00 pm in Sweden/Norway

and 8:00 am for EST (not too early)

I hope this will help accommodate those who couldn't make it to the stream! Now more people will have the opportunity to watch the replay with others at the same time!

I also added chapters to the video to help you navigate through the stream replay! tongue.png

Enjoy! Let me know your thoughts on this in the comments happy.png

More News

Upcoming Stream: 4/14 3pm EST

Upcoming Stream: 4/14 3pm EST

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Blog Competition #1 Vote!