Matches v. Argentina Krakens

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Next Monday (Jan 20) at 11 am pacific, 4 GMs on the California Unicorns will play their PRO Chess League match against 4 top players from the Argentina Krakens.

But before that happens, Unicorns' fans will have a chance to match wits themselves with Krakens' fans on Sunday evening. The two teams' managers have arranged what both hope will be a regular weekly event: a live club match to get fans involved. The match is open to anyone, regardless of experience, rating, or geographical location. You just have to be a member of the fan club, and want to play chess.

The time control will be the same 10 minutes + 2 seconds per move that the pros use in their PCL matches, and you will face the same opponent from the opposing fan club twice, once with white and once with black. This first match will be at 5 pm pacific (10 pm in Buenos Aires). It should last till about 5:40 pm.

Registration will be open here: from 4:05 pm until 5:00 pm; then games will start automatically.

Members of the Krakens and Unicorns teams will stream live coverage of the match, so you can have your game commented on by a master. That coverage will probably be here:

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