Minnesota Youth and Collegiate Open 2015

Minnesota Youth and Collegiate Open 2015


December 12-13

Tournament Sections:
K-6 Not Rated Team and Individual - REGISTER
K-9 Rated Team and Individual - REGISTER
Championship Team and Individual - REGISTER

Entry Fee:

The entry fee for all sections is $35 online. For the K-9 and Championship sections, you must have current memberships to USCF, or submit membership payment, along with your entry fee. All fees due must accompany your pre-registration. Registration on-site is from 8 to 9 AM on Saturday, on-site entry fee is $45. Sorry, but no phone in or e-mail registrations are accepted. Late registrations (after 9 am) on Saturday may be subject to a ½ point BYE for the first round or a later start time and reduced time controls for Round 1.

Those that preregister would be eligible for a raffle

Lunch will be provided for all registered entrants on Saturday at no added cost!

Location: Minneapolis Sheraton West, 12201 Ridgedale Drive, Minnetonka, MN 55305 (Right across from Ridgedale Mall

K-9 Rated and Championship Team and Individual Section Format: Five Rounds, Game 75 +5 delay, Swiss Pairings, Accelerated may be used for rounds 1 and 2

K-6 Not Rated Team and Individual Section Format: Five Rounds, Game 30 +5 delay, Swiss Pairings, Accelerated may be used for rounds 1 and 2

Eligible Entrants:

This tournament is open to anyone that was 21 years of age or under as of December 31, 2014. This tournament is also open to anyone enrolled in a college or university.

Teams will represent chess clubs comprising of members meeting the age or enrollment required stated above. School and college teams will be considered club teams. Those that are a member of more than one club may only play for single club. Club members must attend at least 2 club meetings on or between January 1, 2015-December 8th 2015. Club members cannot meet or attend 2 times within 7 days in order to meet the attendance requirement. Attendance will be verified by the club president and may be subject for review by a tournament official to ensure validity.

Round Times for K-9 and Championship: (two day)

Saturday, Day 1

Round 1: 9:30am

Round 2: 1:00pm

Round 3: 3:45pm

Sunday, Day 2

Round 4: 10:00am

Round 5: 1:00pm

Round Times for K-6 Not Rated: (one day - register here)


Round 1: 9:30am

Round 2: 10:45am

Round 3: 1:00pm

Round 4: 2:15pm

Round 5: 3:45pm

A win by time forfeit (no show) will be awarded after 30 minutes have elapsed.

A half point bye for Round 5 is allowed if requested before before the start of round 2. If requested, a round 5 bye cannot be withdrawn.

This is a team and individual tournament, with support from the Minnesota State Chess Association (MSCA). Team and individual trophies will be presented: All sections will have trophy awards for top individuals and clubs. The K-6 Not Rated section will have awards for Top K-3 finishers. The K-9 section will have awards for Top K-6 finishers. More trophies and categories will be added based on entrants.. Two or more players are required to make a team. A player may participate without being on a team. The team score will be the Top 3 individual scores among team members. If your team comprises more than 25% of the field, your team may be asked to split your team.

Check this page or www.minnesotachess.org for any updates to the tournament. Email Jiten Patel for any questions g10patel85@gmail.com

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