NEW: Curate Collections with Library!

NEW: Curate Collections with Library!

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Have you been yearning for a place to store and revisit your favorite games?
Never fear, Library is here! 📚

Now you can compile your very own Collections of personal, master, and all other games! Games can be added to collections from any source, including our master games database, your games archive, and PGNs of games played elsewhere.

Explore, create, and curate collections by navigating to Play > Library, 

or by visiting 

The Library Low-down

With your newfound collection creating and viewing powers you can...

Your Collections Screenshot

Shared Collections Screenshot

Bookmarked Collections

Community Collections

*Library is currently available on Web and is coming in the future to iOS and Android.

Creating your First Collection

To create your first collection…

  • Navigate to Play > Library
    Then select the big green “+ Create New Collection” button on the right.

Create New Collection Button Screenshot

  • Next up you need to give your first collection a name

Naming your new collection screeshot

  • Now you have a place to store some games! Let’s add a Master Game.. on the top right in your Add Games panel, select “Search Master Games”, then click into your favorite master game.  

Adding a new game screenshot

  • Here you can select the new “Add to Library” icon that is just below your move controls at the bottom of the right panel

Add game to library button screenshot

  • Last but not least, click the Collection you’d like to add this game to, and that's all! 

choosing the collection to add to screenshot

Congratulations you’ve created your first collection and added your first game. ğŸŽ‰

Now go and conquer more Library collections!

Upcoming to Library

  • Alerts when invited to a Collection
  • Availability on iOS and Android
  • Bulk add games from database (adding more than one game at a time)
  • Advanced Collection sharing settings

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