NEW: Perfect Your Endgame Technique
... if you know how!

NEW: Perfect Your Endgame Technique

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Hey Team Beta!Endgame Trainer

Sure, everyone knows that Chess Openings are sexy and have cool-sounding names that Netflix subscribers go wild for - but your perfect execution of the Pterodactyl Defense won't do you much good 36 moves later, if you don't have the technique to turn a winning position into a won game. That's where today's new training feature will come in handy! Say hello to the Endgames training tool!

This new feature provides a series of crucial-to-know Endgame themes and sub-categories, each with a series of instructive drills that will turn making the right moves into a matter of pure instinct. Select from the menu of different types of endgame position to begin. (The ones at the top are more elementary.)

Endgame Themes

For each theme, you can use Practice Mode to perfect your methods, taking advantage of helpful tools like the evaluation bar, suggestions and move feedback to get insight as you play. (And if you want to go deeper, check the Learn tab for Lessons or Articles that relate to the current endgame theme!) When you feel like you've got it, you can jockey for spots on the Leaderboard by trying five positions in a timed Challenge!

(Note that some themes require you to defend a worse position and save the draw.)

Two Rooks Mate

The elementary endgames can be finished in a matter of seconds, but some of the more advanced themes will require both accuracy and endurance!

Either way, the Endgames trainer should help players of all levels approach this crucial, final phase of the game with more confidence and certainty. We hope you enjoy it! 

As always, please share beta feedback in the comments, or by using the Report Bug/Suggestion feature (via the question mark icon at the bottom of the left navigation menu). Thank you!

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