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May 15, 2013, 2:42 PM 983 Reads 0 Comments

Hey guys this is the news which you will see every Tuesday yeah I know its Wedensday but i didnt have time yestarday so yeah and lets get right to it.


The Best of Chess is still waiting for people to enter so if your interested and your rating is 1800+ then contact me and ill send you an invite.

Team Matches:

In Progress:

vs. Everyone: 66.7% tied

vs. Menges: 37.5% losing

vs. Team US chess: 33.3% losing

vs. Roozbeh: 25% winning

vs. Windmill Fighters: 12.5% losing

vs. Powerful Pawns: 0% tied

Vote Chess:

vs. Team US Chess: 7 members

vs. Powerful Pawns: 3 members

vs. World Music: 5 members

Amazing Pawn Play #3

a7+ is the amazing pawn play

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