Next Stream: Let Me Know!


The next stream will be sometime next week. As you know, I like to give you guys the option of deciding things about the stream.

Poll #1: Date and Time

Please read the directions at the top of the poll!

Poll #2: Viewer Arena Details

This part will be down in the comments section.

Let me know the following:

1. Your preferred time control (3+0, 3+2, 5+0, 10+0 are the 4 options)

2. If you would like me to reserve some time at the end of the stream for requests (You can request me to play against randoms, solve puzzles, analyze your game, play you, etc.)

(Just to clarify for #2 it would be a free period of like 30 min where I do whatever you guys want me to tongue.png)

Thanks everyone! happy.png

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Blogging Competition!

Blogging Competition!

Upcoming Stream: 4/14 3pm EST

Upcoming Stream: 4/14 3pm EST