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Hello Tigers,

This post is for the ones, who have been subscribed to my twitch channel for at least 2 months! We, the Magyar Tigers are participating in the PMD Club Arena Friendship Series, with a lot of prizes, for the players and the community as well, but we are still looking for players! It will be basically a Multi-Club Arena Grand Prix series with PRIZES for players and their streamers! Full details HERE, please take a look:

Briefly, the highlights of what you should know, though, are the following points :

o Arena day 1 : Friday, March 11th, 21:00 CET start (Rapid 2 hour 10+2 arena)

o Arena day 2 : Sunday, March 20th, 21:00 CET start of 1st arena (Blitz 3+2 (75 min) + Bullet 1+1 (45 min) arenas)

o Arena Day 3 : Saturday, March 26th, 21:00 CET start of 1st arena (Chess960 blitz 5+2 (60 min) + thematic opening 3+2 blitz (surprise opening for all
games in this arena TBD by RNG , 60 min) arenas)

- [ ] All games / arenas to be unrated

- [ ] Participating streamers’ teams will compete against other streamer teams in a series of multi-club arenas of various formats (Rapid, Blitz, Bullet, 960, and a thematic opening) on over the course of 3 total competition days in order to accumulate Grand Prix points.

- [ ] Streamers will select the members of their teams. Teams for each arena will be composed of a minimum of 8, to a maximum of 12 ELIGIBLE players, with a team rating average of 1600 maximum
- [ ] Eligible players MUST be
- [ ] a sub of the streamer they represent for 2 or more months AND
- [ ] have played > 30 games in one of Rapid, Blitz, or Bullet formats on

- [ ] Players may only play for 1 streamer across the 3 match days. They may not switch teams from 1 arena to another.

- [ ] Prizes will be awarded in the form of Twitch subs and premium memberships, generously donated to each streamer’s community

We don't have much time, so if you are interested, please let me know here on, and provide with your twitch username as well! happy.png

Have a nice week!

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