Tourney rules

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Tourney rules:-

1) This is a straight team ko tourney consisting of 16 teams with the runners-up being eliminated,apart from the 1st round where the runners-up will be invited to play in a separate team tourney which will be known as "The Plate".
2) Teams will play with a MINIMUM of 30 players-a-side,unless there is an agreement between the relevant admins to play the match with less players.Any team failing to field 30 players at the start of each round will be eliminated unless an agreement has been reached.
3) Move time is 3 days/move and 2 concurrent games per opponent.
4) Players who are members of more than 1 group involved in this tourney can play for as MANY teams as they wish.
5) I will post the dates for issuing challenges,acceptance,and starting of matches as we progress through each round and I will send these to the relevant admins,etc.
6) It is the first team shown in each pairing who will be responsible for issuing the challenge to the team that they are drawn against.If this is not done by the required date,then I will issue that team with a warning and they will have 1 day to respond or they will be eliminated.The same rule will apply to the acceptance date and start date for each match.
7) A new draw will take place for each round.
8) Teams will be put into the draw for the next relevant round as soon as they have reached the winning total for that match,even if the match has not finished.
9) Winning teams will gain match leaderboard points the same as they do in all other team matches.
10) The rules for "The Plate" tourney are,and will be,the same as for the main tourney.
11) I reserve the right to add rules as situations that may not be covered in this list of rules might occur.
12) I am the final arbitrator on any disputes,etc that may occur during this tourney,unless it's an issue that has to be dealt with by