Welcome email was sent - make sure you read it!

Welcome email was sent - make sure you read it!

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Welcome to the 2021 Susan Polgar Foundation Girls Invitational Special Online Championship

Welcome email has been sent out earlier, so make sure to look for it in your inbox and read it.

Any questions, message me here or email me at

Thank you so much and looking forward to an amazing and exciting tournament day!


Dear Players,
Welcome to the 2021 Susan Polgar Foundation Girls Invitational - Special Online Championship!
Event information can be found here - click HERE.
There are important information about the main event in this email so please read them carefully!
Tournament starts tomorrow, Saturday, June 26th
Everyone is playing on SATURDAY!
First round is at 8AM Pacific Time, 11AM East Coast Time, 5PM/17:00 Central European Time and 8:30PM/20:30 Indian Standard time.
Please, check it in your local time by visiting this page - click HERE.
All players MUST BE part of the following Club in order to participate in the event:
If you haven't joined yet, please do it NOW!
There are three sections: 1600+, under1600 and under100.
These sections are based on ratings and tournament links have been set up accordingly.
Please note that players MUST have a minimum 20 games played on AND the required rating to join the specific section. 
Tournament Schedule:
Format: this is a 7 round G/15+2 tournament: this means win or lose, you will play 7 rounds, unless you withdraw from the tournament.
Time control: is G/15+2: game in 15 minutes with a 2 second increment (2 seconds added to your time) with each move.
Round times: Round 1 stars at 11AM EDT (make sure to convert it to your own time zone!)
Consecutive rounds are on an as soon as possible schedule: as soon as all the games are finished in the previous round, the next round is paired.
No bye is possible for this tournament. If you can't make a round, you might not get paired for future ones.
Zoom meeting - web camera monitoring requirements:
Most of you opted to be on the zoom meeting with at least one (two for the 1600+ section) cameras.
To log into the zoom meeting, please use this link:
Meeting ID: 860 2831 8817
Passcode: 225515
--> details on correct webcamera setup, including sample pictures will be emailed later today.
What to do tomorrow?
  1. LOG IN to
  2. Go to and look for the tournament in the Tournament --> Upcoming tab.
  3. Click on JOIN tournament up to an hour before the tournament. Note: if you don't click JOIN you won't get paired. Tournament Organizers can't put you in the tournament, YOU MUST click Join yourself!
  4. Log into zoom to participate in the zoom meeting.
  5. Be ready at 11AM EDT to get paired for the first round.
  6. Monitor ongoing games by clicking on the game icon once your game is finished.
  7. Be ready for the next round.
Important Announcements:
  1. FAIR PLAY at all times. Cheaters will be caught, and with fair play screening results, you might be reported to your local federation for violating fair play. It's simply NOT WORTH IT! Please, keep the tournament clean!
  2. No foul language. Anyone who uses bad language in the tournament chat or zoom chat will be immediately forfeited from the tournament.
  3. Tournament organizers are not responsible for technical glitches and issues, such as issues, computer glitches, mouse slips, or internet connection issues. We won't be able to help unfortunately, we do not have any control over these, so please don't email us requesting to modify pairing, or standing, etc. Thank you for your understanding.
  4. No watching the stream, twitch, video or texting.
  5. No cell phones near the computer.
Special message for those FOUR(4) players, who will place in the 1st thru 4th place tomorrow in the 1600+ section (based on tie-breaks.):
PLAY-OFF will be on Sunday to determine the scholarship prizes. This will be a direct elimination playoff. More information will go to the players in question. 
Please, note that 99% of you will not be playing on Sunday! This is only for those who will place in the top 4 placed in the 1600+ section tomorrow.
Thank you, please stay safe, healthy, and continue to play chess! 
The Organizing Committee

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Advanced Entries - List of registered players

Advanced Entries - List of registered players