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  • jelo-amie
  • on 7/21/13, 5:13 PM.

Team Members:

Team Members: 9
Team Average Rating: 1505
Opponent Average Rating: 1721

 jelo-amie (1952)  1z2x3c4v5b (1789)
 Banana_Zigana (1658)  quietvolcano (1549)
 whosnextt (1541)  ollave (1539)
 Sanmitra (1405)  rforque1 (1118)
 SacredMountain (1000)

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  • 3 years ago


    I didn't see this posting when it was new, but I'd like to add: don't fret about joining if you're a lower rated player.

    We've had good input from different people, and we've managed not to predict our opponents' move all too often despite having highly rated players signed up.

    Playing vote chess with discussion is like analysis as you play: a great way to learn.

    Of course, there's a certain amount of egg-on-face when you propose something that doesn't work, but both jelo-amie and I have refuted our own analysis in this game. If you put in effort and publish any analysis, you'll get kudos, even if it's not the last word.

    More than once another member has been able to build on someone's analysis to find a better line to play.

    Now, of my soap box!

    P.S. Worst behaviour? Voting before the vote captain calls the move, and voting something that hasn't even been discussed. You don't have to present exhaustive analysis, but at least mentioning what you think the move shoud be and waiting until voting time is polite. Thankyou.

  • 3 years ago


    Above is the current players involved in the Vote chess game... click "vote chess" on the left side of your page to join ... its great way to learn move bymove... we DISCUSS each move BEFORE we vote...

    Let's GO!!!!

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