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Total 960

Total 960

Somewhere in your mind Opgericht: 1 nov. 2013
Leden: 796
Bobby Fischer had the following to say about Chess960: “I love chess, and I didn’t invent Fischerandom chess to destroy chess. I invented Fischerandom chess to keep chess going. Because I consider the old chess is dying, or really it’s dead. A lot of people have come up with other rules of chess-type games, with 10×8 boards, new pieces, and all kinds of things. I’m really not interested in that. I want to keep the old chess flavour. I want to keep the old chess game. But just making a change so the starting positions are mixed, so it’s not degenerated down to memorisation and prearrangement like it is today.” - B. Fischer. Here we meet, all those we love the Chess 960. With times and different styles, for different players. Always with an open mind, we are waiting for you, to share the place.


  • Online 12 uren geleden

    Thorsten Michael Haub | Siegen, Duitsland

    Lid sinds: 6 dec. 2014

  • Online 4 uren geleden

    Leonardus | Parkstad, Nederland

    Lid sinds: 20 sep. 2014

  • Online 5 uren geleden

    Simon Knight | Toluca, Mexico

    Lid sinds: 25 nov. 2013

  • Online Jul 1, 2017

    David | Near Your City, Verenigd Koninkrijk

    Lid sinds: 1 nov. 2013

  • Nu online

    Xiaojing Pink Larsen | Southern California, Verenigde Staten

    Lid sinds: 26 jan. 2017

  • Live aan het schaken

    Nelson Moore | London, Verenigd Koninkrijk

    Lid sinds: 11 mei 2017


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