Team Lesotho

Maseru, Lesotho, Southern Africa
24 jun. 2009
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1 dag geleden
Team Lesotho has a daily team match with Angola 🇦🇴.Click the link below and select join. Please consider joining to help Team Lesotho 🇱🇸 become a member of the World League in 2023. This is Lesotho’s first Goal.
1 dag geleden
The daily team match with Hawaii Chess Club was started early so Team Lesotho can concentrate on manning up the daily team match with Angola 🇦🇴. Angola has 9 players rated <1000 in this match. Lesotho needs to participate in this match. It is the easiest a match will be.
18 dagen geleden
The 3 Live Chess Tournaments start at 7P. The tournaments may be entered up to 1 hour early. You can join the tournaments by clicking on he link in the upcoming events tab.
18 dagen geleden
JOIN LESOTHO CHESS LADDER Play against other members of Team Lesotho in ranked ladder matches. Blitz - Rapid - Daily
Dec 10, 2020
organise some tournaments hle banna.. who has subscribed here?
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