King's Indian Defense: Sämisch Variation

1.d4 Nf6 2.c4 g6 3.Nc3 Bg7 4.e4 d6 5.f3

The Saemisch response to the King's Indian - developed by Fritz Saemisch - anchors the e4 pawn solidly while also preventing ...Ng4 as a response to Be3. The future play may involve a wild game with opposite-side castling, or an attempt by White to slowly squeeze Black using his space advantage.


  • Provides a strong pawn center
  • Allows Be3 without the response ...Ng4
  • Supports a pawn storm on the kingside


  • Blocks the knight's natural square, f3
  • Weakens the h4-e1 diagonal
  • Slightly weakens the dark-squares
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