Old Benoni Defense

1.d4 c5 2.d5 d6

In the original version of the Benoni, Black immediately challenges the white d-pawn from the side, tempting it to advance. However, Black does not immediately attack the advanced d-pawn with ...e6 (which would be the Modern Benoni) but instead continues with 2...d6, 2...g6, or 2...e5 (which is called the Czech Benoni). These forms of the Benoni generally lead to a slower, more maneuvering game than the Modern Benoni, while keeping its unbalanced character.


  • White can hardly avoid it
  • Creates an unbalanced game


  • White can use the c4 square for a knight later
  • White gains a strong central wedge
  • It can be difficult for Black to gain counterplay
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