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Robert Colanzi
Philadelphia, United States
21 lip 2008
Ostatnie logowanie
54 minuty temu
1 722
I love everything about chess including its history!  I collect chess books, but only have a few old ones.  I enjoy teaching chess and helping others if I can in their quest of getting better.  My hobbies and interests are reading, landscaping, woodworking , astronomy, archeology, sports and ancient history, of course in no particular order. I have made a Library in my house with over 3200 books.  From Classics, SF, Fantasy, Civil War, Chess and reference books of all kinds, including some Bio's of my favorite historical figures. My favorite chess player of all time is US Champion Harry Nelson Pillsbury, and my favorite World Champion is Emanuel Lasker! I love OTB play and go to the MainLine CC on Tuesday nights.  I also serve as a club officier(Treasurer) and if anyone is familiar with NM Dan Heisman, this is the club that he is at almost every week!  For those not familiar with him, he is one of the best teachers of chess in the country and on the ICC. The picture of me is at the Renaissance Faire, picked to help out in one of their performances.  I'm not a good actor :)
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