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Hi! I am International Master Bojan Jovanovic.  
I’m 29 years old, from Serbia.  
My FIDE ELO at the moment is 2466.  
I am a fully dedicated chess coach. 

I have been the National Champion of my country in categories B10, B12 & B18.
Achieved Title of FM in 2014 and IM in 2023.

One highlight is a student I coached to 6th place in the World in category B10 Maribor 2012. 
Many of my students have also represented (and represent) their countries in Olympiad.

I offer a special Training Programs: 

 ✔️ One-hour lesson (via skype or zoom). 
 ✔️ Chessbase (PGN) & PDF format material with explanations sent immediately following our lesson. 
 ✔️ Homework (10 exercises) about the topic which we covered during our lesson, in order to apply and boost your knowledge even further in Chessbase (PGN) & PDF format. 
 ✔️ 10 Training Exercises for each day of the week. Complete them at your leisure! 
 ✔️ I will develop Personalized Study Plan with you and give you material and instructions how to use material (customized to your particular needs). 
 ✔️ I will orient you towards my unique method on how to conduct analysis of your games and learn from them in the most efficient way.

 ✔️ I will share with you my special Training Techniques how to work on many different areas of your game on your own.

 ✔️ Support between the lessons (whenever you have some question or request you just message me on skype anytime and I am always doing my best to be very responsive)


Program with one lesson per week is 60 euros
Program with two lessons per week is 100 euros

Note: Payment is each Sunday when I also send all the training materials for the following week.

My lessons cover all aspects of the game: 
- Thinking Process (This is available only to my students with long-term cooperation) 
- Building the opening repertoire according to your natural style
- Strategy (from basic to very advanced concepts)
- Tactics  
- Endgames (Practical and Theoretical) 
- Attack (Preparation & Execution of the Attack) 
- Defense (Including several methods)
- Positional Chess
- Typical Structures (Plans and Ideas) 
- Psychology of Chess (How to approach the tournament, specific games or opponents...) 
- And much more... 

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