Utytułowany gracz
Diamentowy użytkownik

'Neath the aesthetic illusion, the metaphysical binary, the monochrome existential lens, resides exegesis laden far beyond sentient perception. The ceaseless soliloquy deafens the extrasensory. The cyclic and causality-defying remain negated and disparaged by its (prede/suc)cessors. Time-specific, chemically composed, and sovereign disowning to praise all but the intangible.. However, the comfortably finite incorporeal detainment yet seeks the true, the epistemologically indistinguishable 0 & ∞. Half full, half empty, with a mind but not a soul, the plight portending the imminent ethereal jailbreak. Uncontrollable but containable, remediable by naught but happiness, for all manners of plight, of discontentment, anger, sadness, pensiveness, all gnash and decay simultaneously towards 0 & ∞. Unbeknownst but true, you are here, and whilst tangible, are the sole variable in all that is self-referential; all numerical values, albeit arbitrary, are derived and devised by one. While ears can't see what eyes can hear, a soul can sense what's very near, and although existence is so very mere, it remains that you are here. Therefore, focus not on the telos, but only that which precedes - the illusion.  Nothing is tenable being the sovereign of time, so spend it (re)shuffling the intangible.

Good day friend! 😊