Platynowy użytkownik

I was born at a young age. Ever since I can remember I have been alive.  W When I was five my father got paranoid and thought that earth would explode. So he sent me in a rocket to Mars. But my Father was a nincompoop and accidentally sent me to a different galaxy. Thankfully Christopher Pike, captain of the USS Enterprise, saw me and took me aboard his ship. Then on his ship, he taught me English and Bocce ball. With my new skills, Christopher Pike sent me to earth. When I got to earth I was adopted by a toy maker named Geppetto. one day I save Geppetto's life from a giant, man-eating whale. So a blue fairy changed from a real boy to a real boy (I think she was legit). On the eve of my 16th birthday, a witch cursed me with eternal sleep. But thankfully, because of nuclear fallout, the witch died. Therefore releasing me of the curse.  I currently live in America honing my skills in origami and particle physics. I also like chess.