Diamentowy użytkownik

Just a funny game

My favorite openings:

WHITE: Ruy Lopez closed, Sicilian najdorf main line, Caro Kann spassky defense, French burn, Queens Indian, KID four pawns, KID samich, KID neo classical line, Scotch game (scotch gambit), Sicilian Dragon, Pirc Austrian defense, Benoni, four pawns, pawn storm variation, French Winawer, English, French tarrasch, queens gambit Orthodox variation, semi slav defense, grob fritz gambit.

BLACK: French Tarrasch, French winawer, Caro Kann spassky, Sicilian Dragon and Najdorf main lines, Nimzo Indian, Queens Gambit declined/semi slav defense, queens gambit orthrodox, Catalan opening, Pirc, Traxler, Dutch normal and Leningrad variations, and I think that's all

A little bit about my chess life:

I love to play 3 check, KOTH, Bughouse, crazyhouse, blitz, rapid, and bullet.

I currently have a lot of medals (around 300) and about 4/10 of my medals are gold grin.png, I'm a 1900 in 3 check .I've beaten many titled players before ( in 3 check) , and the links below are my first wins against a titled player, note the games are 3 check. 

This was a looooonnnnng time ago (when i was 1300)

Feel free to friend me in taming io my ID is 613512

Here is my quiz

(small game collection)

This game is just wild....... 😛😛😛😛

I beat Stockfish here: (3 check on lichess)

The game where I got 1900 3 check
This is an underpromotion game

I will accept all challenge requests 

In case I drop you can see my highest in 3 check

Some of my best friends:












@ron10023 (closed sad.png)



@Chess_Joker_CTL (banned sad.png)




NOTE: Since I have a ton of friends I may have forgotten some, please contact me if I left you out


Here I won 19 times in a row, and I only lost to a 1814 rated player
My best in a 3 check arena, won 18 times in a row and only lost to a 2000
Here I won 16 times in a row and only lost to CM (who i also beat)

This is my best arena ever:
No losses!!!!!

no losses again!

100 points!?!?!?!?
Back to 1900, and 21-0-0 :D

3rd place in rapid arena, with 1500 players

Things about me

  1. I can hear see and talk
  2. I live on mars where there is excellent internet
  3. I play on
  4. I like myself

Things I know about you:

  1. You are reading this
  2. You know my name is Sack_o_Potatoes
  3. You play on

5.  You skipped #4

6. You see the font is bigger here

7. You noticed this format is different from the first 3

My peaks in variants

3 check--- 1930

960--- 616

King of the hill--- 1460

Crazyhouse--- 1090

Bughouse--- 846 (I played bughouse when I was was a beginner on but then I stopped but now I play it again so when u play me I will be overrated)

Rapid--- 1111

Bullet--- 1540

Blitz--- 1568

Daily—- 1222

Daily 960— 851

Best Pfp ever

I think its time to say

please note that I rarely update this