Just came here to redominate NSPCL if possible happy.png and improve at chess because I'm very rusty sad.png

Really gonna be inactive on the social side of, so if you wanna talk to me, use the chat happy.png

#Busy with School & Homeworks.

Oh and using this account for school chess purposes too wink.png

Proud Captain of Checkmatin' Masters.

We Won NSPCL Season 11 happy.png


B1 = @Rychessmaster1

B2 = @bishop_to_e4

B3 = @Vinumonz555 (C)

B4 = @Boiwhosuks

B5 = @Lteg12

Making another NSPCL Team, probably stronger than the last one. Stay tuned for the line-up reveal wink.png

Oh and I might untilt soon coz i think im recovering from my tilt grin.png

Here's da proof: