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Akiva Poppers
NJ, United States
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45 min ago
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I am a 14 year old kid who has been playing chess for almost 2 1/2 years. When I first started playing I was really bad obviously, but after 2 months I was 950 in blitz, 1150 in bullet, and 1200 in online chess. However, after this, I stopped improving quickly, and after 6 months I had gone down to 900 blitz, 1100 bullet, and after timing out in a lot of games my 1325 online dropped to 1150. I then stopped playing until I started high school and joined the chess team there. I was board 3, and we weren't so strong- at the end of the season we tied for 3rd in a very weak 16 team league which had 2 strong teams. By the end of the school year my blitz was 1250, bullet 1550, standard 1400, online 1550, and tactics 1500. During the summer I was at a slow improvement rate, going up a little each month, but the difference was subtle. Then I decided to take lessons with IM Yaacov Norowitz, a very strong master who lives a few blocks from me. During my series of lessons I learned his dacha approach, which is really good, and I advise him as a coach to everyone. Anyways, in the one month of lessons which I had I shot up quickly, and by the time school started again in late 2015 I was 1475 in blitz, 1750 in bullet, 1500 in stardard (I didn't really play that much and still don't much), 1750 in online chess, 1625 in tactics and an all around better player. I turned into a solid, positional, grinding, slowly improve, improve... bam! Attack is too good. My school, MTA in Washington Heights, became overall more interested in chess. I currently play as board 1 for the team, and a 1625 plays board 2, a 1575 board 2, a 1375 plays board 4 and a 1300 plays board 5. Others around 1100-1300 contend for boards 6 and 7 (in my league it is 7 boards per team). I haven't had a lot of time to do real tournaments, so I have only played in two quad tournaments, in which I am 5-0-1, and I won both quads. My USCF is therefore 1496, but if I just said that it would sound like a misrepresentation, so I'll let you know here. As I am writing this, I am around an 1800 level. I am happy with where I am, and my coach Yaacovn feels that I will be a master by the time I finish high school. I'm trying! Thanks for reading, and have a nice day!
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