Fell in love chess since I learned at the age of seven.  After college, over half century ago, I played nothing serious as I was mostly occupied with family and sports that involved my children, such as soccer. 

Since I was introduced to I am playing more chess and do have a few OTB partners both on here and in person.  My favorite discussion while playing chess is all about Jesus; His Love, His healing power and His Light in this ever darkening world.

 Yes, I Love GOD and work mostly with people who are downtrodden and need spiritual, emotional, mental or physical healing.  A large number of these are children and young people and chess is a significant part of that ministry.

 I also love running and enjoy runs in the wee hours of the morning like 3 AM.  Since astronomy is also a love of mine, running at that hour is perfect.

Oh, I am also a fan of chess 960 and love to play live on here, especially chess 960 with slow time controls {eg 90/30}.

God Bless you and good chess!