Hey!! I’m hughie, I’m a guy somewhere between the ages of 2 and 200. That narrows things down, doesn’t it?? I’m from the wonderful keystone state of Pennsylvania, and no- we don’t have better cheesesteaks than anywhere else. We just like to say we do. I’m a highly overrated chess player, and I like to think a highly underrated friend! I am an admin of multiple clubs here on and I really enjoy the community and friendship it brings. I’m currently studying at community college in southeast pa, majoring in emergency response and stress management. I’m highly interested in natural conservation and have a pipe dream to be a US park ranger. I’m passionate about aviation, and thought I was going to be a pilot for years before realizing I didn’t want to sit for hours and hours on end… I am an ISFJ on myers Briggs test, a protector. Very much my personality!! (: I’m a Unitarian Universalist, and I try to represent my faith as living every day as if it’s my last. Thanks for visiting my profile, have an amazing day!! 🤙

”when you need me, and you can’t see me, just close your eyes and say a prayer.  It’s okay, I know you’re scared when I’m not here. But I’ll always be right here. Even though I’m leavin, I ain’t goin’ nowhere.”

-Luke Combs

”say your sorries, your I love yous, cuz man you never know.” 

-Cody Johnson

*Note about my political views

To my friends in the GOP, I believe in a bipartisan country. While I do have beliefs that align largely with the left and I identify as a liberal democrat, I understand where you guys are coming from and I'm always open to discussion. Please message me if you have questions about my political affiliations, or if you'd just like to chat about politics. I thoroughly enjoy civil debate/discussion wink.png

Thank you,

@LongLiveAslan You're the most supportive, kind, sweet, and amazing person I know. Thank you more than I can ever tell you. P.S. I'm sorry about my grammar (;

@CDRED141 You left me a mess... still my bro though

@dogs4evr Bye Elaina...

@PrecisionGuessWorks Thank you for all the amazing work you do!!!

@ItsTimeForTim You're quite helpful... and have an annoying but funny habit of sending 15 chats to tell us one sentence. XD

@ThutaKyawZin Thanks for being my friend!!

@Sban1 You are a supreme admin, one of the best I've met. Thanks for your leadership in ATTS

@Panzer115 One of my best friends, thanks for always being there man (:

@ChessPawn921 *handshake* *21 gun salute*

@EliteCrusader RIP cry

@ICP_Assassin Amazing person, we all miss you so much

@ChillyChess2010 Thanks Cecilia for your friendship! I enjoy our once-a-month check-ins lol

@mooser77 U rock Dad!!

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@Zpro08 You're a super dedicated admin, thank you for your ongoing commitment and assistance! 

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Thank you for your service and sacrifice PSP troopers Mack and Sisca.