☾ Hello there.....

how are you.....☽

☾My name is Christina

I am usually busy but I try to come online at least once a day.

I have a twin sister her name is Elisabeth and her username is @EWBommarito.

I am always welcome to friend requests, messages, and game challenges.

I love watching anime, drawing, and exploring the world around me. 

I post some of my artwork on my Pinterest page

٩( ●ᴗ● )۶

☾Here are some of my friends on

  • @Crystal9431 (I met her at school about 3 years ago we have been friends ever since)
  • @EWBommarito (she is my sister)
  • @NewChristina (met her about a year ago but she had too much work to do so she now is inactive)
  • @1BadBluePenguine (met him about a year ago)
  • @SamyakPagariya (he was one of my first friends on and still is my good friend to this day)
  • @red244 (I was introduced to red by her brother @vijaypuliparazh )
  • @vijaypuliparazh (he was one of my first friends on he introduced me to many new friends.)
  • @FloppyEarDoggo (he is one of my more recent friends but that did not stop him from becoming one of my best friends of
  • @Rimjhim_Rahman (she is always so nice and fun to chat with)

(please do not be upset if you are not on this list)☽

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