I am the commanding officer of the Klingon Empire.

Cry havoc and let slip the dogs of war!

USCF Special Service Award 2015


NMCO Distinguished Service Registry Inducted 6/31/2012


New Mexico Activities Association Chess Director 2013 – Current


New Mexico Chess Organization Vic-President 2013 – 2014


NMAA State TD 2013 – Current, NMAA State Asst TD 2008 – 2012Coach in NMAA since 1990


Asst TD for the Albuquerque Scholastic Chess league since 1990, Competed in the ASCL 1979 thru 1983, ASCL Champion 1983 for Rio Grande High School


Teach Chess as a Class at Albuquerque Institute of Mathematics and Science 2008 – Current, AIMS@UNM joined NMAA 2012


Some of the Championships I have coached:

AIMS@UNM – State High School Team A-AA Champions 2014 and 2015

State High School Regional Champions 2014

ASCL City Champions 2014

Third place State Team A-AA 2013 and 2012


AIMS@UNM – State Middle School Team Champions 2014

State Middle School Regional Champions 2014 and 2015

ASCL City Champions 2014


Montezuma Elementary – State Elementary Team Champions 2014, ASCL City Champions 2014


Vincent Romero – State 8th grade Champion 2014


State Kindergarten Champion - Oliver Groves 2014, Ozzibella Rockey 2015


State 1st Grade Champion Charile Groves 2014 (tied), Oliver Groves 2015


State 2nd Grade Champion Charlie Groves 2015


State Girls Scholastic Champion Willow LeTard 2015


Run and Organize Chess Camps known as Top Gun 2012 – Current