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Welcome everybody!

I'm Krisztian Szabo, International Grandmaster.

First of all, I'm very happy to become the Coach of the month in December 2022:

I would like to show you that how is the World of Chess like through the eyes of a Grandmaster. I compiled my short introduction in such a way that, of course, I kept in mind that you, the reader, consider it important to develop the chess skills you have already acquired. Maybe you are already outplaying everyone at home and trying yourself out against stronger ones? Or do you want to immerse yourself in this beautiful game? From whom we learn the elements of chess, what kind of expertise he has, it is obviously very important to us.

I would like to share some feedbacks from my chess classes, please find here:

My competition results, which reveal of my professional skills, can be read on the internet as an open secret. One of the beauties of chess is that you can't pretend yourself to be good, since everything is up on the Internet, so it can be checked.

I would like to list some from my results:

Multiple Hungarian Champion, European Youth Champion, World Youth Championship silver medalist and former member of the adult national team. Nevertheless the most important achievement for me was to achieve the Grandmaster title. The thinking, view and vision of Grandmaster is that which greatly determines my classes and can help you on your path to progress towards your goal. If you would like to use my Grandmaster knowledge to achieve your goals in chess, don't hesitate to contact me!

Please visit my club page too: