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My name is Jovanovic Dusan and I am an International Master from Serbia. I started playing chess at the age of 12, and won the candidate master title at 14. During my youth I have won several championships for young players in Serbia. For some time (from 2001 until 2012) I stopped playing active chess. During these years I was mainly focusing on my studies and artistic career. I have written a couple of articles and drama plays, my historical novel was published, and I made several art performances and short movies. From 2012 chess become my main occupation (again).
  I am an active player and a coach. I can give lessons about every aspect of the game (openings, middlegame, endgame) to players up to 2300 elo. My speciality is positional play, and finding ways to avoid main variations. I also coach Chess960 (Fishers random chess). I'm working for the well-known First Saturday tournament series by providing them with game analyses monthly.
  Beside that I have great interest in chess history and chess in art.
  The price for one lesson is: 1 hour - 25 dollars (20 euros), lessons are via skype. I am also available for blitz games and game analyses.
  Feel free to contact me via chess.com or by email jovanovicdusand@hotmail.com 
Even if we don't make an arrangement I could give you some free advice.