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About Me

I am an International Master from New Delhi, India. I have been playing Chess for more than 20 years. Among my achievements, I was India's Under-25 Champion in 2010 and also won the Best Rating Category Prize in Gibraltar Masters 2018. My FIDE profile is http://ratings.fide.com/profile/5025842. Do text me here or on the email chess_hemant@hotmail.com for coaching/training offers.

Teaching Experience

I have been teaching for 7 years now, and have a good experience of training players/kids of all levels (unrated to 2300 Elo), both online and over the board. I also work side-by-side with IM & FST Vishal Sareen who himself has taught many young talents of India who later on became GMs and IMs, most notably Arjuna Awardee GM Abhijeet Gupta.

I have been a full-time trainer since 2017 and practice partner of many strong players since 2013. I achieved my Fide Trainer title in 2018. Currently, I am training students/players from India, USA, Singapore, South Korea, Australia.

Some of my students are:

  • FM Dushyant Sharma - 2300+ Elo with 1 IM norm.
  • FM Pranav Anand - 2381 Best Elo (IM Elect).
  • Rosh Jain - +600 Elo in 1 year, National U-7 Schools Champion.
  • Ishvi Aggarwal - +700 Elo in 2 years.
  • Shivika Rohilla - +500 Elo in 2 years.
  • Apart from the above mentioned names, I also have experience in taking Group Sessions regularly with young rated and unrated kids.

Best Skills

My strengths are Tactics, Endgame and Positonal play.

I shall do my best in preparing/choosing openings best suited for your playing style and with good in-depth understanding of the ideas.

Mostly, I like to work on the calculations and positional play.

Target Students

  • Unrated (Players having tournament experience, should not be an absolute beginner)
  • 1100-1600* - Intermediate 1
  • 1600-2000* - Intermediate 2
  • 2000-2200* - Advance
  • Above 2250* - Can provide assistance during a tournament, or as a practice partner.

*(All Ratings are FIDE Elo)

Training Methods

If you are a serious student with long-term (1 year at least) plan of training (be with anyone or me) and really want to improve, I will surely be more than interested in teaching you and taking you to the next level.

Before starting, I need to see your last 4-6 months of tournament games, which will give me an idea about what you really require, unless you have some specific topic to work on.

We shall work in the direction of what you need, which shall include theme based games and positions, middlegame analyses, endgames, and much more. Along with these, we shall study Classics and analyse their games in-depth for building a strong understanding of basics.

Additional Support

  1. I can help you in selecting which tournaments you should play, and surely guide you during the tournaments with insights.
  2. I will also provide you with training material as well as additional material to help improve your game.
  3. Whenever you talk with me during/before/after the tournament, you will always be motivated and psychologically strong, I can assure you these things.
  4. For quick and faster communication, I will be available on Skype or Whatsapp during the tournaments.


The prices vary, depending upon the level of the student.

Contact Me for further details-

Via email: chess_hemant@hotmail.com

Via skype: chess.hemant