Status inspired from: "the god of rating tilts hates me" - @mrfreezyiceboy (Partial credit to him)

Title inspired from:

"Misclick master" - @FloofyGatito (Partial credit for idea)

Announcement: I hate mouseslips :/

Some facts about me: I'm a boy. I love to read books (Rick Riordan and John Flanagan books are my favourites). I love to play chess (which is why I'm on lol). I'm trying to reach 1600 rating by the end of the year and hopefully get a chess title one day. My fav fruits are mangoes (I love them), watermelon and cherry. I also love Shawarma and Poutine (especially from Osmows). Another favourite is Calamari. I am a fan of @Hikaru and @Gothamchess. I'm friends with many titled players including Tani Adewumi!

I have beaten lots of higher rated players, some over 2000 rating including @EnergeticHay (Won 2 games against him), @shreyansshah123 (finally beat him!!!) and @TedBelanoff (played 5 rapid games in total, won 3, lost 1 and drew the other one cuz I had to go :/)

Btw, feel free to send a friend request!

Me half the time I play chess:

Me 4 years ago:

House reveal:

2nd house reveal:

(Thanks to @C9_Narwhal, and @Darkbrah7654 lives in the attic of my house; he copied my house)

One of my best games : 

Btw, he blundered the rook because he was low on time. Then he resigned and I was so happy that I beat a player with a rating over 2200 happy.png
99.0 accuracy in that game happy.png and I'm black
Best sacrifices:

Then he resigned
A crazy game I had with a NM where I won:
Almost adopted @joy5555 in bullet
Adopted @Bluemoon12311 and @darkbrah7654 (Score: 20-1) in bullet even tho I use trackpad
Got adopted by @MegaCharizardLeo and @mrfreezyiceboy (in his previous account) and @Little_guinea_pig

My top friends on

1. @Buffrook ~  "Thy mighty rook is greater than all thee "

2. @Tactical_Kings ~ "I didn't know that cheese was so complicated" (R.I.P friend sad.png)

3.  @Darkbrah7654 ~ "Bongcloud is legendary, just adopted martin bot with it"

4. @Pushingthatwood ~ "How many calories would you burn on impact if you jumped off a 50-foot building?" (R.I.P friend sad.png)

5. @mrfreezyicyboy ~ "the potato invasion come to eat you"

6. @Stock_Fish109 ~ "Muffins are just cupcakes except they are not"

7. @noImAparrot ~ "A life can be changed if you eat sunflower seeds"

8. @ComradeDoggo1421 ~ "T posing snakes are cool"

9. @thunderstarhdkdk ~ "Never give up even if the world is dark. Because chess is light to light your way through the darkness" 

10. @Lex_ii ~ "They laugh at me because i'm different, I laugh at them because they are all the same"

11. @ninjaswat ~  "The clock is a piece"

12. @All-Cutscenes ~  "The only time you should ever look back, is to see how far you've come"

P.S Thanks to @Martin_Stahl

Shoutout to @ninjagofighter for gifting me diamond membership happy.png

#1 pog happy.png  grin.png @Darkbrah7654  gonna take years to catch up lol

yay happy.png grin.png 

Now get outta here lol. And thanks for viewing my profile, hope you liked it happy.png